A British icon


The Silvine Originals collection celebrates a true British icon in the world of notebooks.

Don’t worry if you don’t immediately recognise the name, you’ll remember their iconic look. A bold red cover with a midnight blue wreath logo adorning the front and a conversion table printed on the back. You may also remember the classic notebook, a trusted favourite amongst carpenters, builders, designers, butchers and shopkeepers – often accompanied by a fat red pencil sharpened with a knife.

Hidden in the depths of the Silvine archive, we found samples of these incredible books from across the years. It was then we decided to pay homage to what these books have stood for over the decades. From the outset, they were designed for purpose – engineered to perfectly meet the needs of those who used them, whether that was at school or in a carpenter’s workshop, an artist’s studio or a writer’s bureau.

And so, the Silvine Originals Collection was born. Inspired by the bold red books that have adorned the pockets, satchels, drawers and shelves of so many for so long.

A true British icon, reinvented.


Each one is made in the same factory, using machinery that has been making our books for 6 generations. Of course, times have changed and so have some of our processes, but our Originals collection still retains everything that made them so iconic.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference, yet quite often go unnoticed. Take, for example, perforated pages that make removing any page effortless, or hand finished calico binding for extra durability and hand stitched spines with fully finished ends that won’t unravel. You’ll more than likely never pick up on them, but that’s a good thing because it means they’re doing their job and all that extra effort was worth it.

The way our books are made isn’t our only consideration. Equally, we consider how they work or how they’re used. For example, larger books can sometimes be cumbersome to use, that’s why we chose to make our pages lay flat. We can’t categorically say a particular book is used by one type of person or another, that’s why we produce a choice of feint-ruled or squared pages in classic light cyan ink, or simply plain inner pages for maximum freedom.

Silvine Originals are created using stock sourced from the renowned James Cropper Mill in Kendal, which has been producing quality paper since 1845.
A family run business, also in its 6th generation, this great British independent mill makes paper with passion – more than just manufactured, their products are crafted to unwavering standards. So of course, they were the perfect choice for our Originals collection.

For the inside, we chose a 90gm2 Natural White Wove writing paper. Its subtle texture and delicate off white hue make it a joy to write or draw on.

The 300gm2, red dyed cover stays true to the legacy created by these pioneering books. Colour matched to the 1960’s bold red and wire embossed akin to the original finish.

Together, they are the perfect balance of contrast

We believe that each one is a thing of beauty, yet designed for a purpose. To be used and loved, every day. They are your companions. They are your inspiration. They are your motivation. They are your creativity.


Over 175 years of innovation.

Nestled amongst the narrow streets and stone-built terraces of Otley, a small market town straddling the border of North and West Yorkshire, stands our factory, Silvine Works.

Before we even opened our doors over 175 years ago, British attitude has been one of enthusiasm, innovation and endeavour. And since we first set our presses running, we’ve lived by this ethos. After all, we’re a British company and very proud of it.

Creativity is at the heart of the Silvine Originals Collection, and that means embracing all aspects of the creative process – even the mistakes.

Inspiration doesn’t always reveal itself in its perfect form; we know it takes hard work and talent to accomplish great work. That’s why, whatever masterpiece you’re creating, there’s a Silvine Originals notebook to help you figure out all those moments of genius that can happen anytime or anywhere.

Like a trusted companion that you rely on every day, we want you to treasure your time with a Silvine Originals notebook.

That’s why, when it comes to quality, we never compromise. Our notebooks are an understated, simple and classic design, expertly handmade to exacting standards, because we know that the care, craft and attention to detail that goes in to making one really matters to our customers – that’s why it matters to us.

Silvine Originals.
A true British icon, reinvented.