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Making notes never felt so satisfying.

Note is a larger version of Pocket, with the same proportions but more space to expand on all those great ideas or doodles you started in Memo or Pocket.

Make more of your ideas on the fly.

Created with 52, 190 x 125mm plain perforated pages that make removing any page effortless.

Held together by a hand stitched spine with fully finished ends that won’t unravel.

The small details.

The inside pages are a 90gm2 Natural White Wove plain paper giving you lots of freedom, with a subtle texture and delicate off white hue they are a joy to write or doodle on. The 300gm2, red dyed cover stays true to the legacy with a fine wire emboss.

Space for your ideas to grow.

Note lets you take those seeds of inspiration and helps you explore them in greater detail, ready for them flourish into a masterpiece. Comes with a bookmark to help you keep your place.

Embrace the creative process – even the mistakes.

Your inspiration, your motivation, your creativity.

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